Eligibility and application procedures


1. Description

In 2022, IFLA is offering WLIC attendance grants to emerging leaders. These grants aim to empower and motivate young professionals to engage with the international library field.

The grants specifically target emerging leaders in the library field under 35 years of age and who are personal members of IFLA or staff of an IFLA institutional member.

The IFLA Emerging Leaders Grant will provide support for a small group of delegates to attend the IFLA World Library and Information Congress 2022 in Dublin, Ireland.


2. Purpose of the grant

The purpose of the grant is to provide emerging professionals with the opportunity to attend the IFLA Congress, engage with other professionals across the world and facilitate networking for the advancement of librarianship in the recipient’s institution, community, and country.


3. What does the Attendance Grant Cover?

The grant covers the full registration fee for the Congress and an amount to partially support attendance. The attendance component can be used to support travel, accommodation or other expenses and is between Euro 500 and Euro 1000 depending on the country of origin.

Successful applicants

  • from IFLA’s Band 1 countries will receive Euro 500
  • from Band 2 or 3, Euro 1000.
  • Find your country’s band here.

Applicants must be able to attend the Congress and will be personally responsible for any additional costs associated with Congress attendance.


4. What is expected from the grant holders?

The successful candidates will be required to be onsite at the Congress and participate actively for the duration of the Congress including attendance at least one of the emerging leaders’ sessions, the newcomer’s session, and at least one briefing meeting.

Following the Congress, awardees will be required to write a brief article (approximately 500 words) about their Congress experience. The article must be written within 4 months of the end of the Congress and will be published in IFLA newsletter or on the IFLA blog.


5. Eligibility

  1. The applicant must be a personal affiliate of IFLA or associated with an IFLA member. Your membership code or the code of your association or institution is requested.
  2. The applicant must be willing to share their experience at the IFLA Congress with their national library association and wider community and with IFLA.
  3. The applicant must be eligible to obtain a visa for travel.
  4. The applicant must declare that he/she/they is able to fund all other costs beyond the grant that are involved in attending the Congress, e.g. all other hotel, travel and subsistence expenses NOT covered by the Grant allowance
  5. The applicant must declare that he/she/they have the ability to attend the conference and are not being prevented to travel to Ireland. They should also declare that they apply in full knowledge of COVID restricting policies issued by either their country or institution (if applicable)


6. Application Procedures

Applications must go through the Emerging leader grant webform and must include:

1) A 250-words essay to describe how you would plan to implement one of the elements of the 2022 World Library and Information Congress themes “Inspire, Engage, Enable, Connect” in your context between now and 2030.

2) A 250-words essay to describe your plan to disseminate the conference takeaways in your network in your country.

3) Your curriculum vitae (one page maximum).

4) A copy of an ID stating your Date of Birth.

5) A statement indicating that you have approval from your employer ( if applicable)  , that if you are a recipient of this Grant, that you have their support to attend the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Dublin, Ireland. (ALSO TO TRAVEL).

Your application must be received by 29 May 2022. All applications will be acknowledged upon receipt.

All applicants will receive notification of award status no later than 8 June 2022.