Call for Poster Proposals

Application closed: Monday 21 March 2022

Thank you for your participation!

All Poster Proposals are subject to approval by IFLA’s Professional Committee. A jury representing the Professional Committee will review all submissions and decide which Posters will be accepted.

Proposers should expect an update on the status of their proposals in April.

Highlight your library’s activities and share it with the world!

Poster Theme: ‘Inspire, Engage, Enable, Connect, especially in uncertain times’

These themes, aligned to the IFLA’s Strategy 2019-2024, aim to inspire, engage, enable, and connect the global library field. Not only a Strategy for IFLA, this framework also sets the stage for actions to be taken by libraries that transform the library and information field, especially during uncertain times.

How has your library made an impact in your community or society? Which services, programmes and/or applications of technology have been implemented in your library to support one or more of these themes? Create a poster that highlights your library’s work and share it with the world at WLIC in Dublin!

Successful applications will:

  • Present a new/service/programme or application of technology that has a clear relationship to the poster theme as noted above
  • Lend itself to a poster session; is not too hypothetical
  • Describe the topic of the poster in an engaging 200-word abstract
  • Be inspiring to others

Additional criteria for evaluation include:

  • Concept/Programme/Service is clearly explained
  • Content is not duplicated in another poster
  • Presenter is not listed to present another poster (a presenter must be present during the poster session to explain the poster to viewers)
  • Poster describes a project that is ongoing or near completion, not one that is yet to start

All poster proposals are reviewed by a jury of members from the IFLA Professional Council. Proposal status will be announced in late March 2022.

Note: The presenter must commit to travel to Dublin, Ireland barring any restrictions for their country at the time of travel.

Format Presentation

Posters should be printed and will be attached to the presentation panel. Posters can be written in any of the IFLA official languages – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Russian and Spanish.

The standard poster size of DIN A0 841mm wide x 1189mm high is the minimum. It is recommended that a printed poster be no larger than 900mm wide and 1900mm high.

If you are using photographs, graphics and text outside of your poster, these should also fit within the area of 900mm wide and 1900mm high.

Presenters should be prepared to be present in the Convention Centre Dublin on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 July 2022 to present and discuss their poster with delegates, and to hand out any leaflets or other information materials they will make available.

A digital version of the poster will be requested to be added to the IFLA Library.

  Submit your proposal with title and abstract

Note: Organisations that submit more than one application should indicate priority for the submissions and/or confirm there will be staff members available for the presentations.


Posters & Photos from 2019 Poster Session in Athens, Greece:

Best IFLA Poster 2022

At the congress, a jury will review all posters and select the Best IFLA Poster 2022 based on the evaluation criteria outlined above. The winner will be announced at the WLIC 2022 Closing Ceremony. See our Best IFLA poster 2009-2019 for examples of past winners.


  • 21 March 2022 9:00 am CET – Deadline for applications. Submit your poster proposal with a title and abstract
  • April 2022 – IFLA Headquarters will inform applicants of the final decision of the Professional Committee
  • 26 July 2022 – Posters to be placed on presentation panels at the Congress
  • 27-28 July 2022 – Poster sessions at the Congress


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