Poster Presentations

Poster presentations are scheduled for two, two-hour intervals between 12:00 and 14:00 on Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 July 2022. Posters presenters are expected to attend both posters’ sessions in order to explain their poster and to hand out any leaflets, or other information materials, they may have available for viewers of their poster.

Best IFLA Poster 2022

The Best IFLA Poster 2022 selected from the posters presented in Dublin by a jury on behalf of the IFLA Professional Council, and awarded during the Closing Session on Thursday 28 July 2022 to the poster: Gazi Husrev-bey Library Book Museum ( Ejla Ćurovac, Adnan Ćurovac, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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Note for presenters: Please send your final digital Poster (JPG, PNG or PDF) with an Abstract + Keywords (in MS word, of no more than 300 words) to: for publishing in the IFLA Repository after the Conference. Please complete the online Authors’ permission form as publication of this material can not proceed until this form is submitted.


Please read the Instructions for Accepted Posters or contact:

List of accepted Poster Presentations:

Poster Board Number

Title of the poster



1 Innovative Library Programming! Advocate! Inspire! Engage! [1] Janine Asmus United States
2 Cancelled
3 School Libraries and Open Communities for Sustainable Development [1] Antonija Lujanac Croatia
4 It’s your right to be you [1] Christer Edeholt Sweden
5 Print Publishing in MENA: Traditional and contemporary methods [1] Jawhara Al- Abdulla

[2]  Najlaa Alshahwani

6 From Re-Modelling to SCIMMA: A Smart Way of Inspiring Users to Connect, and Engage Services of a Nigerian University Library [1] Fehintola Nike Onifade

[2] Oluwasefunmi Arogundade

[3] Emmanuel Ogunlana

7 ‘Information Skills for GPs: the 5 Steps to Success’ – the design & development of an e-Learning module to empower GPs [1] Trish Patton Ireland
8 Building Resilience to Health Misinformation in Local Communities: A Public and Academic Libraries Partnership in San Diego County [1] Margaret Henderson United States
9 Student’s Internship and Community Service: Enabling students in uncertain times [1] Karen Levy Jamaica
10 Digital Research Topics: Reimagining Digital Collections to Facilitate Student Research [1] Jennifer Brannock

[2] Elizabeth La Beaud

United States
11 Present the history of Lambaye in SLAM [1] Assane Fall Senegal
12 David Lubin Memorial Library celebrates 70 Years. Milestones in FAO Library history [1] Véronique Montes Baffier

[2] Sarah Dister

[3] Megan Zandstra

13 International Library Connections in Academic Libraries Through Visiting Scholar Programs [1] Mark Mattson United States
14 Coloring Between the Walls: Using Art to Expand Patron Consciousness, Create Connections, and Provide Beauty [1] Karina Wilhelm United States
15 “Reading Beibu Gulf” Library Study Tours [1] Li Yang China
16 Healing Reading in uncertain times. [1] Show Ru Shen Taiwan, China
17 Gazi Husrev-bey Library Book Museum [1] Ejla Ćurovac

[2] Adnan Ćurovac

Bosnia and Herzegovina
18 Towards more inclusive programming and services for young children with disabilities [1] Maria Cahill

[2] Denice Adkins

[3] Bobbie Long

United States
19 BIBFRAME’s Application Method for Reflecting LRM in Linked Data [1] Mihwa Lee Korea, Republic of
20 “Be in Library” in person or online [1] Fei Yang

[2] Qian Teng

[3] Li Shi

21 Journeying through Uncertain Times: Using Computational Thinking and Storytelling to Connect and Engage Library Users [1] Jennifer Moore

[2] Joe Sanchez

United States
22 – 23 En tiempos inciertos, ¿Qué hacer primero? Para luego conectar, habilitar, involucrar ¿y quizás hasta inspirar?

In uncertain times, what to do first? And then connect, enable, engage and perhaps even inspire?


[1] Maria Victoria Hernandez-Zaragoza

[2] Jorge López-Cuevas

24 How libraries can connect & enable refugees after a humanitarian crisis [1] Susan Parker-Leavy

[2] Boluwatife Agbelusi

[3] Salem Al-Aswad

25 The School Library in the Action Plan for the Digital Development of Schools [1] Maria Raquel Medeiros Oliveira Ramos Portugal
26 Stream to them: Live-Streaming and Libraries [1] Jenni Jacobs United States
27 Education for all!  My experience with three programs to engage teaching faculty and connect students with affordable textbooks. [1] Amanda K. Rinehart United States
28 Implementation of Green Library Component in Iranian academic libraries [1] Fatemeh Rezaiemanesh

[2] Hajizeinolabedini Mohsen

[3] Amir Reza Asnafi

29 Libraries integrated into infotainment systems in modern cars [1] Behrad Farzadi

[2] Amir Reza Asnafi

30 During Times of Crisis, Librarians Connect to their Communities [1] Denise Lyons

[2] April Hobbs

[3] Feili Tu-Keefner

United States
31 EXPLORE Libraries and Communities in the Pandemic Altered World [1] Michelle Bradley

[2] Nancy Kirkpatrick

[3] Maureen McKenna

United States & Canada
32 Enhancing student access and engagement: A reading list migration project [1] Ann Byrne

[2] Emberly Davey

33 The role of business school librarians in the local economy through the community service: case of CESAG in Senegal [1] Fatou Diop Senegal
34 MyLibrary for You: Innovative web service platform [1] Sanna Henelahti

[2] Maria Korpela

35 Strangers in a Strange Land [1] Rachel Hooper United States
36 Impactful Conversations: Engaging Instructors with Information Literacy, Open Pedagogy, and Open Educational Resources During the Global Shift to Online Learning [1] Katherine Holvoet

[2]  Rebecca Nowicki

United States
37 Joy of Reading – reaching children in new ways [1] Mervi Vaara

[2] Tiina Saarela

38 Mobile Climate Libraries [1] Ibrahim Tchan Issifou

[2] Stanley Onyemuchechukwu Igwe

[3] Essoham Malik Boule

Benin  & Nigeria
39 Developing a student-centred approach to academic referencing support for postgraduate distance learners [1] Ann Byrne

[2] Irene O’Dowd

40 Sensory Toys and Assistive Resources Service [1] Theresa Kelly

[2] Hazel Percival

41 Every Week is Children’s Week – From Personal to Virtual and Vice Versa [1] Jelena Rajić Serbia
42 Academic Library in Financial crisis and individual support program in University Library of Federal University Lokoja [1] Njideka Nwawih Charlotte Ojukwu

[2] Nneka Osuji

[3] Confort Alabi

43 Using Library Digital Resources for Promoting School Reading Education– the Case of Taiwan Memory Platform of NCL [1] Ching-ju Cheng

[2] Shu-hsien Tseng

[3] Yi-rong Lee

[4] Ting-yu Wu

Taiwan, China
44 Remaking the Printed Word in the Digital Age [1] Stephanie Chen

[2] Elaine Harrington

45 The Position of the Village Library and the Village Librarian in Germany [1] Katrin Mennecke Germany
46 Library outside Library – with new partners to new users [1] Milena Dimitrijevic Serbia
47 Inspiring, Enabling, Engaging and Connecting Library Publishers through IFLA’s Global Library Publishing Map and the Activities of the IFLA SIG on Library Publishing  [1] Marie O’Neill

[2] Grace Liu

[3] Ekaterina Shibaeva

Ireland, Canada & Russian Federation
48 Connecting and Engaging a National Library Publishing Community of Practice through the Library Association of Ireland’s Library Publishing Group [1] Jane Buggle

[2] Fiona Morely

[3] Aoife Quinn-Hegarty

49 New Model of Work at McGill University Library [1] Joseph Hafner

[2] Megan Chellew

[3] Andrew Senior

50 Empowering Readers in Uncertain Times:  Enabling and Improving Online Access to Collections and Services at the Čačak Public Library [1] Bogdan Trifunović Serbia
51 Information literacy module for school children in Malaysia [1] Mayasari Abdul Majid

[2] Mohd Faizal Hamzah

52 Digital guide [1] Dragana Marinkovic

[2] Bojana Petkovic

53 Librarians and Distance Education: Perspectives of the Digital Environment [1] Antonija Filipeti

[2] Marta Matijević

[3] Aleksandra Pikić Jugović

54 Mobile village library – via bicycle against COVID-19 [1] Ivana Pesic

[2] Suzana Tanasijevic

55 FUSE – Fusion skills to Empower children for a sustainable future [1] Claudia Popescu Romania
56 From Access to Action [1] Jingjing Wu

[2] Cynthia Henry

United States
57 New nonvisitor service collaborations between Tsurumi University Library and library and information science classes to exhibit books linked to the virtual space: Supporting continuous library services during the COVID-19 pandemic [1] Hiroyuki Tsunoda

[2] Noriko Shinzawa

[3] Takamitsu Mochiduki

58 ISNI-KOREA Consortium to collect and connect. [1] Jinkyoung Kim Korea, Republic of
59 Connecting the Past and Present, Korean Newspaper Archive [1] Minsook Moon Korea, Republic of
60 ZLA Forum and the Order of Librarians [1] Lorena Martinić

[2] Višnja Novosel

[3] Arijana Herceg Mićanović

61 Guidelines for library services to children (ages 0-18) – An infographic guide [1] Huey Bin Heng

[2] Salomon Hellman

Singapore & Sweden
62 The World Through Picture Books : embracing the power of diversity [1] Annie Everall

[2] Emilie Bettega

United Kingdom & France
63 New Information Professionals – inspiring young librarians [1] Borna Udatny

[2] Lucija Prusac

[3] Iva Adžaga

64 ETBI FET Digital Library: A Shared Digital Library for the Irish Further Education and Training Sector [1] Robert Alfis

[2] David Hughes

65 #Tip_of_the_Week [1] Rabab Shaker Bedeir Egypt
66 Read All About It! [1] Julie Reid Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
67 Spatial Regression Analysis of Factors Affecting the Accessibility of the Public Libraries [1] Durk Hyun Chang

[2] Bon Jin Koo

[3] Soo In Jeong

Korea, Republic of
68 Digital Public Libraries & Learning Continuity [1] Satishkumar S. Hosamani India
69 Reconnect, rebuild and rebrand:  CALA members’ initiatives to help move our institutions above & beyond the pandemic [1] Hong Yao

[2] Michael Huang

[3] Wenli Gao

United States
70 The Impact of Health Library Information Resources on Patient Care: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Irish Healthcare Personnel [1] Brendan Leen

[2] Melanie Surkau

[3] Shauna Barrett

71 The seed library –  the sustainable way to share and enable collaborating [1] Andrea Krieg Germany
72 Reaching the readers of Europe [1] Mick O’Dwyer

[2] Llarina González-Solar

73 Cancelled
74 Connecting with schools during pandemic and initiating a remote digital research service [1] Rose Smyth Ireland
75 Galway’s Great Read, 2015-2021 [1] Jo Vahey Ireland
76 Booster la performance de publications  par l’accessibilité  à l’information scientifique [1] Dosso Djibril

[2] Yao Serges N’Da

[3] Djibril Dosso

Cote D’Ivoire
77 Boosting the performance of publications by making scientific information accessible [1] Dosso Djibril

[2] Yao Serges N’Da

[3] Djibril Dosso

79 Together for a better life [1] Loredana Stanciu

[2] Michaela Radu

80-81 Cancelled
82 Working apart but together: how to stay connected [1] Aoife Lawton Ireland
83 A Study on Bibliographic Characteristic of e-books provided by the Korea Reading Education Comprehensive Support System [1] Hyo-Jeong Jang Korea, Republic of
84 Libraries of the Future: Adaptation of Blockchain Technologies to Libraries and Issue of LIBRARYCOIN [1] Burak Coşkun

[2] Özlem Yalçınkaya

85 Malaysian librarian involvement towards Marrakesh Treaty [1] Mohd Faizal Hamzah

[2] Ranita Hisyam

[3] Muhamad Afiq Faisal bin Yahaya

86 COVID 19: supporting students’ learning in the era of digital culture- a case from RMIT Vietnam Library. [1] Trinh Thu Ha

[2] Hien Minh Tran

87 Green Libraries in MENA region [1] Marietta Sander Israel
88 A study on the development of a reading appreciation checklist for the reading club platform [1] Sohyun Joo Korea, Republic of
89 Qatar National Library: Providing Education Literacy for All [1] Asma Alaraj Qatar
90 “Home Run Readers”: a Reading Promotion Program under Cross Field Cooperation [1] Yu-Hung Chen

[2] Tun-Ming Hung

Taiwan, China
91 When the Local Matters Globally: (Re-)Enabling Original Cataloguing in Public Libraries [1] Anne Welsh United Kingdom
92 Travel the World with Inspiring Libraries: Ten Years of EIFL Public Library Innovation Awards [1] Ramune Petuchovaite Lithuania
93 A Study on the Development of an AR-based online archives exhibition platform Based on the Archives in South Korea [1] Jung Chul

[2] Soosang Lee

Korea, Republic of
94 Better User Engagement: connecting users through a hybrid library approach [1] Van Pham

[2] Tam Thach

95 HCT Libraries eVolunteering Program [1] Vergel Suaybaguio

[2] Miljana Djukic

[3] MaryAnn Casas

United Arab Emirates
96 Development of a communication network of Iran academic libraries: from theory to practice [1] Farnoosh Reghabi

[2] Marzieh Ghaznavi

[3] Farzaneh Farjami

97 Improving linguistic equality in national infrastructures [1] Nina Hyvönen

[2] Riitta Koikkalainen

[3] Partanen Partanen

98 Lukukirjo Primary School Reading Project [1] Lissu Rossi Finland
99 Cancelled
100 Connectable – innovating digital and social inclusion [1] Sverre Helge Bolstad

[2] Inger Urdal

101 The Warburg Library Online: transforming a unique print research library into the digital sphere [1] Nessa Malone

[2] Richard Gartner

United Kingdom
102 Youth and Environmental Emotions project – Libraries to alleviate young people’s climate anxiety [1] Veera Visuri Finland
103 An international eBook Project:  Accessible eBooks For All [1] Man Yi Helen Chan Hong Kong, China
104 How can academic librarians contribute to the development of SDG goals: Awareness-raising activities with librarians in Turkey [1] Kubra Zayim Gedik Turkey
105 Reimagining Book Clubs as a JEDI Instruction Method [1] Colleen Cuddy United States
106 DEIA, IRL: How librarians are doing The Work [1] Diana Dulek United States
107 World Directory of Parliamentary Libraries [1] Verónica Kulczewski

[2] Louis González

[3] Ángela Quiroz

108 Academic Revival: Librarian advisors for students on academic probation [1] Jennifer Beach United States
109 Empowering the Ability through Access to Library: Library for All [1] Razina Akkhter Bangladesh
110 QNL Book Match services [1] Haya Al-Sheeb Qatar
111 Westside Arts Festival: seeing things differently [1] Elizabeth Keane Ireland
112 READ WELL THINK WELL: TPL Librarians’ Reading List Podcast [1] Jian Hau He Taiwan, China
113 The characteristics of support for students with SEN in Japanese 16 university libraries [1] Hiroyo Matsudo

[2] Kumiko Noguchi

[3] Takenori Noguchi

114 Changing nature of cataloguing librarian roles in academic libraries [1] Haiyun Cao

[2] Marcia Salamon

115 Learn to Read and Become a Knight! [1] Lenka Pruckova Czech Republic
116 Changing information literacy practices at 3 AMICAL institutions during the COVID-19 period [1] Meredith Saba

[2] Michael  Stoepel

[3] Christine Furno

Egypt, France & United Arab Emirates
117 Library work in an uncertain time-  in Hässleholm and Malmö Public Libraries [1] Anette Mjöberg

[2] Mia Dimbald

[3] Nina Olsson

118 Library expertise needed outside the library – implementing the Finnish Information Management Act [1] Sanna Jalonen

[2] Neea Savilaakso

119 Archive of Tomorrow [1] Eilidh MacGlone United Kingdom
120 Co-operation: Libraries and volunteers offering language learning during pandemic [1] Ville Karinen

[2] Abdi Abdiasis

[3] Leena Toivonen

121 Inspiring Innovation: Lessons learned from an academic-library-student partnership to support digital development. [1] Claire McGuinness

[2] Crystal Fulton

[3] Gina Cohen

122 Come in, we’re open! Managing opening hours, especially in uncertain times [1] Johannes Gütling Germany
123 ‘One author-Five Islands’ [1] Sharleen McAndrew Ireland
124 Libraries NI Virtual Choir [1] Sean Beattie Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
125 Engaging Students as Creators in a Credit-Bearing Global Information Literacy Course [1] Hilary Bussell United States
126 Perceiving – Producing – Sharing : The Library Laboratory of Chemnitz Public Library [1] Corinna Meinel Germany
127 Connecting the Irish Marine Archive to its audience [1] Stephanie Ronan Ireland
128 Increasing access and use of research outputs in resource-limited settings [1] Fred Kwaku Hayibor

[2] Dominic Agyei Dankwah

[3] Theresa Larteley Adu

129 Library Spaces Supporting Academic Partnerships and Student Success [1] Carrie Kruse United States
130 Library Outreach in Secondary Schools via Junior Achievement Ireland [1] Ray Gainford Ireland
131 Connections through service [1] Claudia Wöckel Germany
132 Online Programming: Engage and Interact with Community, Any Time, Anywhere [1] Tracy Furgason

[2] Julie Edwards

United States
133 Cancelled

[2] Colleen Cuddy

United States
135 Libraries and Literacies in the Metaverse [1] Sheila Webber

[2] Valerie Hill

[3] Rossana Barrios-Llorens

United Kingdom, United States & Puerto Rico
136 Becoming an Insta-Influencer: How Librarians Inspired Connection by Sharing their own Voices in Times of Uncertainty [1] Jenny Wong-Welch

[2] Mara Cota

[3] Erika Esquivel

United States
137 The International ILL Toolkit: Building Better Connections [1] Tom Bruno United States
138 -139 برنامج تدريبي لتعزيز مفهوم  الوباء المعلوماتي بالمكتبات الجامعية العربية : التعريف, الأهداف و الإيجابيات

A training program to combat the information epidemic in Arab university libraries: definition, objectives and advantages


[1] Eman Aloui

[2] Abdullah Al-Hinaai

Tunisia & Oman
140 Virtual storytime programs: Connecting with families through a socially distant approach [1] Maria Cahill

[2] Soohyung Joo

[3] Luke LeFebvre

United States
141 Palestine Connecting Resources to Preserve History [1] Rana A. Abdulrahman

[2] Susan Parker-Leavy

[3] Tasneem Dari

142 Cracking the Astrid Lindgren Code: A Showcase of a Librarian-Researcher-Crowdsourcing Collaboration [1] Karolina Andersdotter

[2] Malin Nauwerck

143 Engaging to Empower: Using Student Sentiment and Voices to Implement a Holistic Approach in Creating an Inclusive and Anti-Racist Library [1] Heather F. Ball United States
144 Big Heart, Bring Happiness to Communities [1] Zalina Binti Ahmad

[2] Zulaiha Ahmad

145 Environmental Facts about Finnish Public Libraries [1] Harri Sahavirta Finland
146 Open Educational Resources for Digital Literacy at University College Dublin [1] Marta Bustillo Ireland
148 Language Discovery @ Selangor Public Library: The Lemonade of Lockdown Life [1] Mastura Muhamad

[2] Juliana Es Mohd Munawir

149 Teaching with Intention: Developing a Teaching & Learning Strategic Plan for the Library [1] Jordan Nielsen United States
150 AI and Data to Improve Preservation Management [1] Céline Allain France
151 Are Librarians Cat People? [1] Laure Papon-Vidal

[2] Camille Delaune

[3] Mathilde Gaffet

France & Peru
152 From Practice to Theory: introducing pedagogy to practical legal education [1] Andy Horton United Kingdom
153 Neon Art [1] Muhammad Nooramin Bin Mohd Hassan

[2] Mohd Saiful Bin Kamaluddin

154 National Library Statistical System in Korea for the Sustainable Development of Libraries [1] Kwang-Hun Jung Korea, Republic of
155 Expanding electronic access to literature by Black Canadians [1] Benjamin Walsh Canada
156 More convenient book borrowing and returning    Integrated development of culture and tourism [1] Li Peng

[2] PiaoPiao Li

[3] Yaling Xu

157 Developing an Ecosystem for Creative Learning [1] Ziana Sidek

[2] Hafifuddin Fuad

[3] Muhd Sherkawi

158 Selangor Book Fair (SIBF) 2021 : Connecting Heart and Mind [1] Zainuddin Tasiman

[2] Mohamed Fadzli Mohd Fauzi

[3] Mastura Muhamad

159 Croatian public libraries in uncertain times: creative and innovative library programs and activities [1] Dunja Marija Gabriel Croatia
160 The library of BOGOR Botanical Gardens : a reference center of botanical literacy in Indonesia [1] Rina Munazar

[2] Lukman Budiman

161 Enthusiasm in Information Retrieval Skills of Visually Challenged Undergraduates in Sri Lanka [1] Wilfred Jeyatheese Jeyaraj

[2] Arachchillage Weerasooriya

Sri Lanka
162 Backlog Project@PPAS : amid  the pandemic challenge [1] Khairun Nisa Abd Rani

[2] Saliha Mohamad Said

[3] Suzliana Abdul Hamid

163 Academic Library as a bridge in knowledge transfer between secondary and higher education [1] Kosjena Dumančić

[2] Ivana Marić

[3] Marija Šimunović

164 Connect and empower the library with BooksFly2u [1] Norhasdiana Anwar

[2] Salwani Adam

[3] Noraina Bt Mohd Arifin

165 Book donation for the frontliners [1] Nur Izzani Abdul Manad

[2] Zahir Yahya

166 Connecting and acting: Croatian academy and library practitioners helping users to be effective information consumers [1] Alica Kolarić

[2] Martina Dragija Ivanović

167 Expressions of Student Life During Covid: A collaborative venture between librarians and social workers at the University of Alberta [1] Christine Brown Canada
168 Libraries in the time of war [1] Tetyana Batanova Ukraine
169 Artificial Intelligence: BnF Roadmap 2021-2026 [1] Bruno Sagna France
170 Being inspired by reading [1] Aliya Saidembayeva Kazakhstan
171 Guidelines for continuing professional development in an online world [1] Alan Brine United Kingdom
172 Librarian’s Adventure [1] Alka Stropnik Croatia
173 Being a Woman in the Time of the Pandemic [1] Tamara Butigan Vučaj

[2] Beba Stankovic

174 The French Second National Plan for Open Access [1] Frédéric Blin

[2] Adeline Rege

[3] Sophie Forcadell