Calls for Papers for Open Sessions

The professional programme of the IFLA WLIC 2022 is shaped by open sessions organised by IFLA’s Professional Units and curated by the Professional Council. Every year, the IFLA Professional Units (Sections and Special Interest Groups) issue Calls for Papers to receive proposals from colleagues around the world.

Calls are collected on this page as soon as they become available.

The Calls for Papers describe the specific focus of IFLA units for WLIC in 2022. IFLA is not able to accept general abstracts or papers that are not related to specific calls.

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Open Sessions

Health and Biosciences Libraries Section

Theme: “Infodemic Management: Strategies for Combatting Health Mis/Dis/Malinformation”

Deadline for proposals: 15 April 2022

Big Data Special Interest Group, Digital Humanities / Digital Scholarship Special Interest Group and the Information Technology Section

Theme: “Perspectives on data access and use at scale: Lessons from the field”

Deadline for proposals: 2 May 2022

Social Sciences Libraries Section and News Media Section

Theme: “News Literacy: Fighting Fake Information at Your Library”

Deadline for proposals: 29 April 2022

Law Libraries Section

Theme: “Confronting and Overcoming Legal Restrictions on Access to Law: Librarian Engagement to Free the Law”

Deadline for proposals: 20 April 2022

Reference and Information Services Section

Theme: “Connecting & Inspiring Reference and Information Professionals in a post-pandemic world”

Deadline for proposals: Saturday 30 April 2022

Academic and Research Libraries Section

Theme: “Truth, Evidence and Memory: Academic Libraries as Cultural Rights Defenders”

Deadline for proposals: 2 May 2022

News Media Section

Theme: “Inspiring Users to Engage with News Content in Education and Research”

Deadline for proposals: 18 April 2022

LGBTQ Users Special Interest Group

Theme: “Intersectionality”

Deadline for proposals: 31 March 2022

Library and Research Services for Parliaments

Theme: “Time to re-connect introducing new services to answer recent challenges”

Deadline for proposals: 30 May 2022

Government Libraries Section

Theme: “The evolving roles of libraries and knowledge management services in government: the blurring of the distinction between explicit and tacit knowledge and opportunities for new synergies”

Deadline for proposals: 18 April 2022

Art Libraries Section

Theme:Crisis and creativity: art libraries, outreach, and serving our users”

Deadline for proposals: 29 April 2022

Information Technology Section and the Subject Analysis and Access Section

Theme:Agile in the Library: methods and tools for project management, collaboration and innovation

Deadline for proposals: 29 April 2022

Library Publishing Special Interest Group

Theme:Library Publishing: inclusive and open scholarly communication that supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Deadline for proposals: 29 May 2022

Serials & Other Continuing Resources

Theme: “The Use of Transformative Agreements: Do They Increase Access to Research?”

Deadline for proposals: 18 April 2022

Library History Special Interest Group

Theme: “Sources and Themes for the Historiography of IFLA”

Deadline for proposals: 30 May 2022

Cataloguing Section

Theme: “Quality control for metadata : what does it mean?

Deadline for proposals: 29 May 2022